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The Problem

The Problem

There exists a huge gender gap in higher education. Many girls drop out of 9th or 12th grade and start daily wage jobs or get married, due to lack of economic resources to support their studies further.

Early marriage, parental Illiteracy, societal norms and lack of educational facilities cause hindrances in girl’s access to higher education and we aim to change that one step at a time.

Our role

Our role

We will provide a financial grant or payment to support girl student's education, awarded on the basis of Family situation & economic status to encourage the girls in their academic pursuits. Rise4Girl is meant to cover the tuition fees of Secondary Education (8th-10th).HSC (Class 12th) and all 3/4-year undergraduate degree programs.The girls will also be encouraged to pick up a social issue in their community and help solve that issue through the local community network.

How are they selected ?

How are the girls selected ?

We have a detailed selection process where we reach out to institutes who have students struggling to pay their academic fees. We analyse their background and eligibility for the sponsorship based on their inclination towards contributing back to society. The 500 candidates that are selected will receive a funding of upto Rs. 20,000 which will include payment for their tuition fees, books, uniform and miscellaneous expenses. This includes the cost needed to support them for their social activities.

Our target is to help 500 underprivileged girls who come from broken homes and are unable to educate themselves due to financial constraints. We encourage them to take up social responsibilities in their community to empower more such girls in our country.

Who are our beneficiaries ?

Who are our beneficiaries ?

Our beneficiaries are girls who come from broken homes with a single parent or are orphaned girls, not excluding girls with both non-supportive parents and are unable to pay their academic fees.


H.E.L.P (Human Education and Liberation for Poor) is a 15-year-old NGO registered under the Trust Act, 2005. The 2004 Tsunami led to the genesis of HELP, as it stands today.

Mr. Ganapathirajan, a social activist, in a bid to help children affected by the tsunami, started a makeshift school for them. Seeing the plight of the women and children in the villages of Tirunelveli, he formally started HELP. Registered with the Government of Tamil Nadu, HELP took shape as a not for profit, non-religious, non-political and a charitable organization (NGO).

With an aim to help underprivileged children who are not enrolled in school and have limited access to basic education in India and save them from prostitution, bonded labour and unskilled employment, the trust works with children, women and youth who are a part of the agriculture workforce, fishing community, daily wage labour population or the Beedi rolling industry, living in the slums and remote villages of Tamilnadu. We work to provide these children with an access to quality education, help them enhance their skills and raise awareness amongst them and their families.

With the support of UN Volunteers, some of the other initiatives by HELP Trust are:

  • A project with an aim to provide quality education to children in India (www.helptrust.org)
  • A portal to promote better access of modern technology in district schools. (http://tech4edu.org/)
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