Who are our beneficiaries?

Our beneficiaries are girls who come from broken homes with a single parent or are orphaned girls, not excluding girls with both non-supportive parents and are unable to pay their academic fees. We encourage the girls who have a social inclination to take up social activities in their communities on a regular basis as well to further empower more people in our country. In the Academic year 2020-21 , our aim is to support 500 such girls from across India.

How are they selected?

We have a detailed selection process where we reach out to girls who have social inclination who are struggling to pay their academic fees and we analyse their background and eligibility for the sponsorship based on their inclination towards contributing back to society. The candidates that are selected will receive a funding of an average of 20,000 rupees towards their fee payment, books, uniform and miscellaneous fees. This includes the cost needed to support them for their social activities.

How can a donor help? (Donation methods)

You have multiple options to make a difference in their lives. Any amount donated goes towards our cause. To take care of one individual, however, we ask 20,000 Rupees and we will frequently update you with their progress and how they are performing in academics and society. We have the links to donate online on our websites, crowd-funding platform and social media. You can issue a cheque to Human Education and Liberation for Poor or donate cash and we will follow through. While one time payments are accepted, we do encourage a donor to sponsor for a girl till she completes her education and continues to bring change to society (at your discretion).

Where are the beneficiaries from?

The girls that we source are across India. We have carefully sourced the most deserving candidates based on their background and their social inclination to be the recipient of your donations. We go to remote areas and cities where the number of unempowered girls are high and the economic standards are low. They come from small communities in remote areas of India.

How does the team identify the girls?

We have a process driven sourcing mechanism where we approach institutes that either house the girls who are orphaned and schools/colleges who have students who struggle to pay their fees. We then approach the girls and find out their parentage, background and check if they have social inclination. We also have an open application form on our website where girls from Urban/rural/tribal communities can apply.

What is the societal aspect of this program?

Our program is not just a scholarship for academic gains. We want the girls to become social ambassadors and to be empowered to take up social causes and spread awareness in order to provide change in their communities which face issues regularly. This can be achieved on a large scale by us empowering them to do so. A part of your donation will be used to make them social ambassadors and equip them with the necessary skills to follow through with the social cause of their choice. We understand not all may be socially inclined. However, we take it upon ourselves to assist them and ensure that they return back to society.

Can donors keep track of the progress of the girls?

To make things as easy as possible, we can take care of that for you. We will receive updates directly from our beneficiaries in the form of photos and videos and the institutes they come from will update us on their academic performance as well, and we will do the necessary follow-up and check ups to ensure that the girl you have been assigned to, is doing her part in society without compromising on her academics. We can update you in one of two ways: Through whatsapp (if the number of girls you have sponsored is below 5) and through a portal on our website which we will give you a log-in and password to easily access the media and updates on your beneficiaries. Our portal will be detailed so that you can keep track of the process and progress of our team and interact along with your beneficiaries.

How will you process our donations?

We will collect the funds into our Trust bank account exclusively for Rise4Girl and we will assign your funds to the beneficiary you have been allocated in part payments to the institute they are studying in. We will communicate with the Institute and deal with the nuts and bolts of fee payments and we will update you on whether the fees have been paid and if not, why. Your funds will be matched with your National Identity number which is mandatory for donations above 50,000 INR.

I live abroad. Can I still donate?

Yes! You can still make a contribution from anywhere in the world. We have the FCRA approval and the necessary procedures in place to receive the donations. The details of the bank accounts are on our website. Contact us for further details if you are still unclear.

How can I trust that the funds are used for good?

This is ultimately a decision you have to make. You have access to our testimonials and our information which has the highest degree of transparency on our website and we will be more than happy to answer your questions any time of day. Our organisation HELP Trust (Human Education and Liberation for Poor), has been established since 2004. We have all the necessary documents and FCRA approval to receive donations and make changes in society. In addition to this, we have 80G benefits and 50% tax exemptions upto 1,50,000 INR for an individual donor. Our organisation has done and continues to do multiple projects for the benefit of People with disabilities, marginalised families and people who wish to learn skills to increase their employability. On top of all this, Our organisation provides placement for the above mentioned beneficiaries. Your funds will only be used for good and we assure you full transparency in how we maintain and use donations as we only rely on the good hearts of our donors. You can visit our organisation’s website for all the details.

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