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Rise4Girl, an initiative by HELP Trust to educate a Girl Child, is an innovative program to educate, equip and empower girls from poor and marginalised families across India and create social ambassadors in the Community "We are expanding across India!" We have operations in Hyderabad and Mumbai. Contact us for more information.

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We will provide a financial grant or payment to support girl student's education, awarded on the basis of Family situation & economic status to encourage the girls in their academic pursuits. Rise4Girl is meant to cover the tuition fees of Secondary Education (8th-10th).HSC (Class 12th) and all 3/4-year undergraduate degree programs.The girls will also be encouraged to pick up a social issue in their community and help solve that issue through the local community network.

Our beneficiaries are 500 girls who come from broken homes and are unable to pay their academic fees. We encourage them to take up social activities in their Communities as well to further empower more people in our country

How the application collecting and what basis the application is processes and selecting process We have a detailed selection process where we reach out to institutes who have students who are struggling to pay their academic fees and we analyse their background and eligibility for the sponsorship based on their inclination towards contributing back to society. The 500 candidates that are selected will receive a funding of upto 20,000 rupees towards their fee payment, books, uniform and miscellaneous fees. This includes the cost needed to support them for their social activities.

We empower girls to become social ambassadors, take up social causes and spread awareness. A part of the sponsorship provided will be used to make them social ambassadors and equip them with necessary skills for the same.


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